Administrative Board
Holds a broad view and a “Big Picture” of the future of the congregation
Manages and administers the on-going life of the congregation
Schedule and seriously evaluate the congregation’s ministry
Christian Education
Knowing and experiencing God through Christ, with the help of the Holy Spirit
Growing in biblical literacy into becoming mature disciples of Jesus Christ
Education is a ministry focused on changing lives

Growing into becoming more Christ-like

Teach Stewardship versus Donations
Develop a budget that is focused on carrying out the mission of the church

Member Care and Evangelism
Help the Congregation set a course for making disciples of Jesus Christ
Promoting and Inspiring the congregation in the area of evangelism
When people interact with Christ’s community they experience love, care, and the healing presence of Christ in their lives

To care for memorials in a way that honors God and honors the one in whose name the memorial was given

Provide the connection between the local church and a world filled with needs
Education on needs
Provide opportunities for congregation to respond

Nominations and Leadership Development
Empowering Spiritual Leaders for the Mission of the Church
Guide the development of leadership across the congregation

Pastor Parish Relations
Building and Maintaining strong relationships between Congregation, Pastor and District Superintendent so God’s will be done and the Kingdom come
Foster relationships that lead to ministry that changes lives and impacts the world

Provide and maintain all property so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective
Work closely with Board to respond to God’s call to the congregation

Play a significant role in planning, preparing, and supporting worship
Helping to continually develop worship so the congregation can be an active, vital worshipping community